KCG Syndicated Analyst Perception Audits

Independent, interview based competitive analyst feedback

Analyst firm approved, industry standard methodology

  • Questionnaire approved by senior management of all the major firms
  • Annual scheduled interviews of over 2-300 analysts and 30 firms
  • Firm sponsored with highest response rates

Guaranteed usable results and advice

  • Unlimited participation in all four studies where relevant
  • Simple annual subscription – small extra charge for each report
  • Every report comes with best practice and specific advisory backup
  • Delivery starts six to eight weeks after end of research period – May, Aug, Nov and Feb

Program Effectiveness Metrics (PEMs) are reported overall (with range) and by firm and include:

  • Interaction frequency
  • Responsiveness
  • Reference quality
  • Messaging & positioning communication
  • Access to management
  • Reactive or proactive?
  • Overall program effectiveness

See Sample Program Effectiveness Metrics HERE

Shortlisting Likelihood Scores (SLSs) are reported with range, by firm and as anonymous analyst level data – in three timeframes:

  • Have you short listed this vendor in the last 3 months? – Yes/No
  • Likelihood you would short list this vendor now? – Scale
  • Are you short listing vendor more/less than 12 months ago? – Scale

See Sample Shortlisting Likelihood Scores (SLSs) HERE

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